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Guides On Incorporating and Operating Your Company In Malaysia

Introduction to Business in Malaysia 

Malaysia being a member of the ASEAN member states, is not only blessed with rich natural resources and its strategic location within one of the most important shipping lanes in the world, the straits of Malacca, however, throughout the years, Malaysia has achieved stable growth and remains robust despite difficult times.  

With its established infrastructures and lucrative incentives provided by the Government, a portion of manufacturing players from overseas actually relocated their production lines to Malaysia around the year 2020. 

Finally yet importantly, the multi-ethnicity of Malaysia's population allows everyone to enjoy a life well-diversified culturally making Malaysia a great long term investment for business and for lives.

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Why Start-up Company in Malaysia

To battle the COVID-19 scenario, Malaysia government has initiated various campaigns to support the economy through a program called PENJANA. These include hiring incentives, digitalisation incentives, etc. Most importantly, incorporation incentives which benefits investors to incorporate new companies. Kindly message us for free for more details.

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