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Private Limited Company (Sdn. Bhd.)

A private limited company is the most common type of business registration in Malaysia. It is also popular known as a ‘Sendirian Berhad’ or ‘Sdn Bhd’ in Bahasa Malaysia. All Sdn Bhd companies need to be registered and regulated by Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). Functioning of the company is governed by the rules of Companies Act 2016.

Sdn Bhd is a flexible form of business entity that offers many advantages.

Seperate Legal Entity

Lower Corporate Rates Tax

Limited Liability Protection

Easier Access to Capital

Uninterrupted Existence 

Lower Tax Rates

Easy Transfer of Ownership

Borrowing Capacity

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Requirements to Incorporate a Sdn Bhd

You may register as the Director / Shareholder of a Sdn. Bhd. if you meet the requirement of :

Age of 18 and above

Residing in Malaysia

Not Disqualified under section 198 of Companies Act 2016

If you meet the requirements, these are the documents needed to register as the Director / Shareholder.

IC for MyCoID account validation

Authorization letter if your proposed company name contains controlled words or trademark

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